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About URL Rewriting Tool

The URL Rewriting tool from pro web tool lets you rewrite the dynamic URL. it's miles quite flexible and user pleasant. The dynamic url rewriter tool makes use of Apache's mod rewrite module to convert lengthy complicated dynamic URLs into search engine friendly static HTML urls.

Why it's far nice to Have easy URL's?

There will be two very strong motives on the way to rewrite your URLs. considered one of them is associated with search engine optimization. evidently search engines are a lot extra cozy with URLs that don't comprise long question strings. URL rewrite policies are used to convert dynamic URLs into search engine pleasant links. these search engine pleasant static URLs typically rank higher in search engines like google and can attract more site visitors as they continually look extra friendlier to the end customers.

A URL like http://www.prowebtool.com/4/simple.html can be indexed a good deal simpler, whereas its dynamic form, http://www.instance.com/cgi-bin/gen.Hypertext Preprocessor?identification=1453&view=simple, can definitely confuse the search engines like google and yahoo and motive them to miss probable vital statistics contained in the URL, and therefore preventing you from getting the anticipated ranking.

With easy URLs, the search engines like google and yahoo can distinguish folder names and might establish actual hyperlinks to key phrases. query string parameters appear to be an obstacle in a seek engine's attempt to perform the indexing. among the search engine optimization specialists agree that dynamic (a.ok.a. dirty) URLs are not very appealing to internet spiders, at the same time as static URLs have greater visibility of their "eyes".

how it Works

Static URLs are recognised to be better than Dynamic URLs because of a number of motives

    Static URLs usually Rank higher in search engines like google.
    engines like google are recognized to index the content of dynamic pages a lot slower in comparison to static pages.
    Static URLs are usually extra friendlier seeking to the give up users.