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About Plagiarism Checker

The free plagiarism checker will ensure your texts are not copies of existing content. As you know, search engines want unique content and so it is important to check that the content you have bought or written has not been used already. This extremely useful tool helps you to ensure your content is unique which gives it added value for the search engines. Plagiarized material is penalized by search engines so any time you write or buy new material, a quick run through the checker is all you need to protect yourself.

Take the worry of penalisation or even a copyright infringement case by making use of our free plagiarism checker and safeguard your site and content at the click of a button. Why waste money on expensive plagiarism checkers and their huge recurring fees when you can have the same job done here for free.

Simply paste your text into the box above and click submit. You will then see your content broken into lines and an assessment of whether the line has been used before. Of course, some common phrases and quotes will be shown as having been used before but what you need to look at is the main body of the work. It is unusual to get a result of 0% plagiarized, simply because your content is likely to use common phrases and quotes. However, make sure your result is a low number, well under 50% and, in the case of bought material, that certain paragraphs are not completely plagiarized.