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Our links analyzer checks a sites internal and external links, including no-follow links.

This tool is mainly for checking other websites, not your own but there is also a reason to use it for your own web pages.

It is important not to have too many outgoing links from your website as this can affect how the search engines see you. Too many links is seen as a bad thing as it looks like it is just for links, a so called “link farm”. Keep the number down to look natural and to keep the search engines happy.

Similarly, you should check the pages of sites that link to you, or that you are considering asking to link to you. If a page with a lot of links is linking to your page then it can do more harm than good and it is better to have the link removed.

This tool makes it easy to analyse any page as you can simply enter the page in the box above and click Submit. You will then get an analysis of the pages links showing the total number of incoming and outgoing links as well as the number of no-follow links. With this information you can then decide whether the site is good for you to link to.

Note: You should also check the page to ensure it is relevant to your content as irrelevant links are ineffective.