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About Backlink Checker

Backlinks are what tells Google how important your site is and if you take your search engine optimization seriously then you will no doubt have spent time trying to get links to your site from other websites. It can be helpful to monitor how many backlinks you have and that is what this tool does.

Enter your domain name into the box and click Submit. You will then get the result showing how many backlinks your website has. Keep track of this number over time and make sure it is growing all the time! Bookmarking this page will make it easier for you to find next time!

What better way to test the effectiveness of this tool than by giving it a try? After you run it, record the number and then go to our Backlink Generator tool to quickly generate some backlinks from high authority sites. After a couple of days, come back to the backlink checker and run it again to see the increase in your number of backlinks.

If you don’t see an increase in backlinks, it may just be that they have not yet been indexed by the search engines, don’t worry, they will be indexed soon!